Recalling Forgotten Gratitude

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There are times in in our lives when something important happens that makes us so grateful. Maybe it’s that phone call saying we got the job we so desperately wanted or maybe its hearing good news about the improving health of a loved one who’s seriously ill. We are excited, happy, and so thankful! That wonderful feeling sticks with us for a while and then, somehow, it fades away. . .

I had one of those important events. It was Christmas Eve 2004. After three years of trying, the home pregnancy test told us we were finally going to be parents! We were thrilled and in shock. After three years, we had almost given up hope. That Christmas we savored the joy and excitement.

Fast-forward 9 years to this morning. I was brushing the hair of my beautiful daughter while she hummed and brushed her teeth before heading off to school, when it hit me. I thought back to that day, that feeling and I was over-flowing with gratitude once again. Later, I shared my memory and feelings with my husband so we could both smile and reminisce. What a wonderful way to start the day!

What meaningful situation or event can you recall from your life to relive deep feelings of gratitude and excitement? Pull it out of that file in your mind and savor it. Use it to replace those stressful or hurtful thoughts or just use it to put yourself in a happy, upbeat state of mind.

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