Could You Use a Little Purrseverance?

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“Give me a break! For the 100th time, would you please get down?” This is a common comment I tell my cat Watson when I am trying to work at my desk. I pick him up (because he can’t take a hint and get down on his own) and place him on the floor AGAIN! He doesn’t get mad. He just waits a little while till my guard is down and jumps back up. I have to admit, I really admire my cat’s attitude and purrseverance! How I wish I could be so determined and not take rejection personally. He knows what he wants and he keeps trying, again and again. He never gets upset and he doesn’t hold a grudge (that I can tell).

I try to imagine, what my life would be like, what I could accomplish, what my relationships would be like if I could so gracefully accept rejection and failure while maintaining my focus on my goal. What if I could not take things personally – no emotional drama and downward spirals into negative thinking? And when things get tough, I wouldn’t give up. I would stay focused and clear in what I wanted to accomplish. Maybe we could all learn a little determination from our pets.

The next time I feel rejected, disappointed, or ready to give up, I am going to remember Watson and remind myself to purrsevere.

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