I Wanted to Get Up & Walk Out – Can we respectfully agree to disagree?

Have you ever known someone who couldn’t agree to disagree? I was having lunch with a new friend. We were having a great conversation about our similar values and goals. Then she brought up [...]

I Cried Every Time He Held Me – Changing Life to Align with Our Priorities

When my dad was growing up, almost everyone in his family was a truck driver; his brothers, his dad, his uncle, and cousin. So naturally, that’s what he wanted to be when he grew up. When he was [...]

There’s So Much to Worry About – It’s Stressing Me Out

There’s so much to worry about, whether it’s our world, government, community, family, work, the list goes on. Does worry invade your mind and then set up camp? Have you ever noticed how hard it [...]

I’ll Never Be As Happy As Tom, Sally, or . . . Other people’s happiness

Do you ever feel like other people are happier than you? I have a dear friend who is one of the most positive and happiest people I’ve ever met. She is always upbeat, energized, and optimistic. I [...]