Uncertainty Is Like Floundering in a Fog – Ideas to Help You Find Your Way

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Uncertainty seems to be the only thing that’s certain these days. It’s like we’re in a fog and can’t see where we’re going. Some believe the promise of vaccines will get us back to some kind of “normal” soon, but it could be months and it definitely won’t happen in time for the holidays. So we continue to try to adapt. To celebrate virtually. To find some sense of control.

As you’ve heard me mention before, our brains hate uncertainty! It skyrockets our stress, our hopelessness, and our frustration. But there are still things we can control. And when we focus on these, we can find more peace. Here are some areas we can use to gain more feelings of autonomy, AND they will also improve our health and wellbeing!

  1. Nutrition – Making healthy choices for what we eat such as cutting back or eliminating sugar, white flour, adding more non-starchy vegetables, berries, seeds, nuts, fish, etc.
  2. Activity – Staying active and moving to keep our blood pumping every day in ways that work for us
  3. Sleep – Finding and using the sleep pattern that works best for us
  4. Social Networks – Building connection by spending time (in-person or virtually) with people we care about and who care about us, that support and encourage us and help us be our best
  5. Thoughts – Choosing thoughts that help us cultivate positive emotions such as hope, gratitude, optimism, curiosity, calm and not getting stuck in negative emotions
  6. Meaning and purpose – Making sure that our lives contain a reason to get up in the morning, big or small
  7. Achievement – Learning and growing by getting outside our comfort zone to build our self-confidence and self-credibility

Which of these suggestions catch your attention and sound interesting? Is it time to change your diet? To change some habits? To reflect on your interests and passions? To learn something new? Take one baby-step to gain more control in your life and see how it feels.

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