Who's in Control? You or Your Thoughts?

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Have you ever tried to sit quietly and not think of anything? It is really hard! We are never alone – our thoughts are always with us . . . The average person has 30,000 thoughts a day!! So what are our thoughts telling us? Are they encouraging and supportive, adding to the quality of our lives? Or are they giving us negative feedback, holding us back from achieving our true potential and happiness? The power of our thoughts is amazing so it’s important we pay attention! The power comes from the fact that if we have a thought, we generally believe it is true. If someone else were to tell us “You don’t have the skills to take on this project,” we might get defensive and disagree. However, if our mind generates that same thought, we would likely agree and resign ourselves to not doing the project. So tune into your thoughts, take control and consciously choose to focus on thoughts that serve you and improve your quality of life.

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