How Will You Be?

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Society and the world around us have trained us to constantly think about “Who will I be?” and “What will I do?” Do I strive to be a manager, maybe even a vice-president of a department or company? What do I need to do to be successful? What should I be doing to get that promotion? These are all important questions, but we often give them priority over an even more important question. How will I be? Will I be calm, encouraging, positive, grateful? When you think of your ideal self, you at your very best, how are you interacting with your colleagues? Your family? What is your attitude and state-of-mind? Research shows that the idea of success leading to happiness is backwards. Happiness, positive emotions and attitudes bring about success. So instead of starting your day with your “list of things to do”, start with your “list of how to be” that day.

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