Why We Need to "Tame" Our Brain

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It’s not your fault! Really! We can’t help that our brains have evolved to notice and dwell on the negative around us much more so than the positive. Back in prehistoric times it was important for our survival. We always had to be on alert, looking for the danger. One small mistake could mean we would become kibble for a saber tooth tiger.
On top of that, fast-forward to today where our brains have been trained to look for what’s broken. Our jobs at work and at home focus on fixing problems and seeing things that need to be done. For example, what do you notice first in your garden – things that need fixing (maybe pulling weeds) or the beautiful plants you are growing?

The take-home message is that we should acknowledge our brain’s negative tendencies and then take a stand to “tame” our brains and change our thoughts. Imagine a day where you have the patience and resilience to easily deal with the normally frustrating and unexpected situations in your life. You fully appreciate the people in your life and notice all the good things around you. You have extra energy and motivation to get things done. Take a look at my previous “Tips” to find actions and strategies you can use to start your journey on making this vision a reality.

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