Can Your Password Make You Happier?

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On March 8th, I talked about the power of our surroundings. Today, I want to talk about something related – using conscious reminders to focus on the positive. Society, advertising, TV etc. constantly bombard us with negativity, it can dominate our thoughts, especially since our brain notices and remembers the negative more than the positive (see Jan 11 Tip). We need all the help we can get to see the good all around us. Here are a few tips you can try.

Do you have a password (or maybe several) that you use everyday? Why not try using an acronym or word that you associate with a positive emotion or experience? IAG4MVSH could stand for “I am grateful for my very supportive husband” or maybe a simple phrase like “Peace4All”. You get the idea. How about keeping one of your favorite pictures of a happy memory at your desk, or as the desktop on your computer? Does the ringtone on your phone trigger a happy feeling or memory? With today’s technology, we can have our favorite uplifting song at our fingertips. I also like to post quotes and positive words around my desk, on my bathroom mirror, on my refrigerator, and in my car. Check out my store for more ideas.

We don’t need help noticing or remembering the negative, unhappy happenings around us, but we can add positive reminders to help us find a better balance.

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