The Best Part of Having a Cold – practicing gratitude

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What?  Is there really anything good about having a cold?  When I have a cold, I can’t wait until I feel better and can breathe easier.  And yet, once I do feel better, I quickly forget how miserable I was and take my health for granted.  But right now, in this moment, I am sitting here feeling well and breathing freely so I can take a moment to appreciate the absence of a cold.  Ahhhh!  It feels good to feel good…

Humans are interesting creatures.  We complain and hate feeling bad, but we quickly get used to feeling good and seldom remember to appreciate it.  However, we can purposely reflect back and recall the misery of past ailments and remind ourselves how awful it was so we can enjoy our current wellbeing.

When was the last time some ache or pain was bothering you and making you miserable?  Was it your back, a joint, your stomach, maybe even a tooth?  How does it feel right now?  Hopefully it is feeling good so take a moment, remember the pain and appreciate the fact it is better.

Have you used this approach for feeling grateful? What is your favorite gratitude practice?  Please share your thoughts below.


Tina Hallis, Ph.D., is a professional speaker and consultant for The Positive Edge, a company dedicated to helping people and organizations fulfill their true potential using strategies from the science of Positive Psychology.

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