Help! I Need a Distraction – Getting unstuck from negative emotions

When we’re immersed in a strong negative emotion, our bodies actually undergo a chemical change that affects our ability to think rationally.  One of the changes is that the stress hormone, [...]

Could How You Think Affect Your Health?

When most people think of things that affect their physical health, they think of  things like their genetics, eating right, exercising, good hygiene and their overall health habits.  Of course [...]

What if the Other Person Is Unreasonable?

More and more research points to the fact that the connections we have with the people in our lives play critical roles in our physical and mental wellbeing.  Yet we don’t have to look very hard [...]

You Disagree? How Interesting!

We all have different life experiences, different personalities, different perspectives that lead us to different ideas than other people in our lives.  Deep down we know it’s a good thing, but [...]