Probably the Most Important Contributor to our Wellbeing that Freaked Me Out

When I first started studying Positive Psychology, there was one significant happiness factor that freaked me out. It was repeated over and over and kept coming up as a main contributor to our [...]

The Best Sleep Aid: Try a little gratitude to calm your mind

Do you ever have trouble falling asleep? Or maybe you wish you had more peaceful sleep? I’ve found that practicing a little gratitude before I go to sleep is a great way to calm my mind and [...]

The Power of Practice – Improving Our Positivity Is Like Biking Up Hills

I really enjoy living in the Baraboo bluffs – except when it comes to biking.  Either direction I turn out of my driveway, I have major hills to tackle.  I love bicycling, but these hills [...]

Understanding Work-Life Balance: 3 Myths

The term, work/life balance, is incredibly misleading.  It sounds so simple.  After all, there are only two things to balance.  How hard can that be? But from experience, we know there has to be [...]

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