Why Reading These Tips Won’t Make Your Life Better – Knowing & Doing Are Not the Same

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Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could spend more time feeling happy, optimistic, content, and grateful? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could spend less time feeling stressed, frustrated, discouraged, and grumpy? I didn’t know it was even possible, much less how to do it, until I discovered Positive Psychology back in 2011.

In the past eight years, I’ve learned a ton! I’ve read many books, articles, and papers. I’ve taken classes and watched videos from experts in this field. I’ve discussed and taught these concepts hundreds if not thousands of times. With all of this knowledge and information, you would think that I would be positive and upbeat most of the time!  Yet, there are still days I struggle.

This brings me to another key thing I’ve realized during my journey; knowing and doing are not the same thing. I know, I know. . . You’ve heard this before. It’s not new, but the truth of this phrase really hits home for me on those days I’m not “doing” or practicing what I’ve learned.

“Knowledge provides potential, but without action, the potential is never realized.”

That’s why my goal with these weekly tips isn’t to just share information, but to also suggest ways you might take action on it. Some times that action might be applying the tip in some external way by what you say or do. Other times that action might be applying the tip in some internal way by how you think or feel.

I remember sitting in a coffee shop with some of my new friends as we discussed ideas related to helping people be more positive when this phrase came to me.

“We need to apply information to situations to get transformation.”

The great news is that our lives are full of situations where we can practice applying the information!

Because I truly want you to experience positive transformation, here’s my suggestion for you this week. Scroll through a few of my weekly tips on my website and choose one that resonates with you right now; with what’s going on in your life today. After you read it, commit to taking action and using it this week.

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