I’m Too Busy to Remember to Be More Positive! Here Are Ideas to Help

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I don’t know how you do it! You’re busy with your work, taking care of your home, all your commitments, and hopefully a little time for a hobby or volunteer work. AND maybe you have a partner or kids that require your time and energy! Add all the distractions in your life with texts, calls, emails, social media, etc. and you don’t have a spare minute to even remember any of the tips and strategies I share.

No problem! Here are some easy ideas that can help.

  • Passwords – Every time you type in your password, it could be the first letter of every word of the strategy you’re currently focused on.  TIM2BG4@ could stand for “There is much to be grateful for” and a symbol if your system requires it. Or you could include just the consonants and a number so that PsNtcChs2D is a reminder to pause, notice, choose today. Another option is to use your password to boost your positivity by having it remind you of a favorite memory or your favorite song.
  • Pictures & Quotes – You could post pictures or quotes that remind you of a positivity tip you like. You could have them on your devices, your bathroom mirror, your fridge, or your cubicle. It could be a picture of you or someone you love with a big smile to remind you to use a fake smile to feel happier. Or maybe it’s a quote that really resonates with you and reminds you of what’s important in life.
  • A Bracelet, ring, or stone – You could designate a piece of jewelry or a stone in your pocket as a reminder for a specific strategy. Then every time you notice it, you remember. Maybe it reminds you to take a few deep breaths to relax and lower your stress. Or maybe it’s a trigger for you to do something nice for someone else.
  • Brushing Your Teeth – Every time you brush your teeth, you could use it as a time to also think about a particular idea you want to use that day. Maybe you want to reflect on trying to be more patient with a particular coworker that day. Or maybe you want to envision a successful outcome at an important meeting.
  • Red Lights – Red lights are a great opportunity to take a moment to think of something we’re grateful for. Or you could use them as a reminder to practice your fake smile.

Pick one of these to experiment with this week. Or maybe this list gave you another idea you want to try. Life is busy but we can use everyday moments to remind us what we can do to be more positive.

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