Ideas to Make Gratitude Easier

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I used to have a nightly habit of reflecting on things in my life I was grateful for before falling asleep. I’ve realized that somehow I’ve let that practice slip. How about you? Do you have a regular time or situation you choose gratitude? Or do you need to renew your efforts, like me?

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I’m reminded to renew my practice. I’m also reminded of some valuable things I’ve learned that make gratitude easier and more impactful. Here are a few of my favorites.

  1. Make it a game. Look for unexpected or very ordinary things to be grateful for. Maybe it’s a beautiful sunset as you’re driving home. With the cold weather hitting Wisconsin, I’m especially grateful for indoor plumbing! I’m grateful for a big box of fresh produce I received from a new place I’m trying called Farmer Jones Farm. They even included edible flowers!
  2. Think about new and long-time friends and family. I’m very grateful for three new ladies I’ve met through my patient advocate training with Dr. Nasha Winters. We shared an Airbnb at the Metabolic Health Summit in California this past spring. We had so much fun! We try to meet once a week to stay in touch. We share our struggles and our insights from learning to live a more metabolically healthy life and how we can help others.
  3. Think about a situation that felt difficult and unwanted in the moment, but now you see it as an important “push” or growth opportunity. I think back to when I was laid off from my biotech job 10 years ago this month!! Wow! There was a lot of fear and overwhelm, but the journey has been incredible! I’ve learned so much and met so many amazing people. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.
  4. Think about something from that past that you’re grateful you no longer have. Maybe it’s a past illness, pain, or challenging situation. I think about my struggle with hip and shoulder pain from an autoimmune issue I had a few years ago. It hurt to sit – whether it was in my care, at my desk, or at a table. It was hard to sleep. I’m so glad that I feel much better!

This Thanksgiving, I’m incredibly grateful for my family, my home, my health, my business, and my friends. And I intend to reignite my nightly habit of thinking about the wide variety of things I’m grateful for in my life. How can you reinforce gratitude in your life?

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