Our Mailbox Had Been Smashed – Again! Dealing with the reaction of unfairness

Last week, we went out to get the mail and found that our mailbox had been smashed and totally destroyed. What?!?! That’s the second time in about a year. I was angry and frustrated. Who had done [...]

How Experiences Shape Our Lives

This week, I’m excited to share a guest blog, How Experiences Shapes Our Lives,  from a dear friend and amazing speaker/facilitator, Amy Climer.  She has great articles, but I really [...]

Did You Have a Good Day? Our internal experiences have the biggest impact

Many evenings, as our day is winding down, my husband will ask me, “Did you have a good day?” He’s checking in, connecting, and showing that he cares. When he asks, I pause, reflecting on what [...]

The Power of Practice – Improving Our Positivity Is Like Biking Up Hills

I really enjoy living in the Baraboo bluffs – except when it comes to biking.  Either direction I turn out of my driveway, I have major hills to tackle.  I love bicycling, but these hills [...]