Ways to Have Virtual Fun with Family & Friends

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With social distancing, how can we still have fun with our family and friends we can’t see in-person? It may seem challenging, but I’ve been doing some research and brainstorming to find some easy ideas.

First, choose a free video chat platform to connect and see each other. Possibilities include Face Time, Zoom, Google Duo, What’s App, Skype, and House Party (it has a few built-in games). Here are some ideas of what you can do together to get you started.

  • Share photos and memories together. They could be from times together or ones from long ago. Will they recognize you in your 6th-grade picture?
  • Have a virtual potluck where everyone brings a favorite dish they made and the recipe. So many of us are cooking from home more and could use more ideas of what to make.
  • Have a dance party! Maybe you even choose a decade and genre so you can dress the part.
  • Try a traditional game like Pictionary or charades. You may want a stand or tripod set up if you’re using a phone or tablet.
  • Use a platform like http://playingcards.io/ that synchronizes players’ movements for games like Euchre, Checkers, Crazy Eights, Go Fish, and Remote Insensitivity (think “Cards Against Humanity”). You can chat during the game over the phone or use one of the video chat platforms listed above.
  • Make your own fun BINGO cards. Choose a theme like photos of family members or friends, or choose words from your group’s favorite movie or TV show. Ask for words or images from the group or do it yourself. Then share a picture of the BINGO card you’ve created that they can print or display on their device. Use buttons or coins to mark spots on the paper or load the image of the BINGO card into a photo editing app that you can mark up. Share the list of words or images so a different member of your group can call out names or words for each game.

These difficult and wild times can feel serious and maddening, but you can lighten the mood and release some stress by taking time to have fun, even if it’s virtual. Pick two to try this week and let me know how it goes. I’d also love to hear what other ideas you have!

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