Make this List to Boost Your Mood – Who Are the VIPs in Your Life?

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Because of the lock-down and social distancing, I’ve definitely noticed how much I miss other people. And that’s coming from an introvert! I can’t imagine how tough this must be for my highly extroverted friends. (I’m sending you virtual hugs…)

This made me think about all the VIPs (very important people) in my life, now and in the past, who’ve encouraged me, supported me, believed in me, cared about me, and helped me in so many ways. So I started making a list. It was easy to think of friends and family who are an important part of my life today. But then I also thought back to different parts of my life and the people who made an impact on me. School, college, different jobs, different friends and neighbors, and more. The list was getting long.

As I sat back and read through the many names, I noticed I was feeling incredibly grateful!! I was also enjoying several fond memories. What a boost to my mood!

I’ve learned how important our social connections are to our physical and emotional health. As a species, we need other people in our lives (even introverts like me). So it’s important to nurture these relationships with phone calls, emails, messages, video platforms like Skype or Facetime, and even handwritten notes when we can’t see them in person.

Another way we can benefit from our VIPs is to spend time thinking about them. Try making a list and see how you feel. Keep your list somewhere handy and read through it for another boost. You might even remember someone you want to reach out to with a note.

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