There’s So Much I Can’t Do! I Can’t Even Go to the Hair Salon

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Isn’t it fascinating how easy it is to focus on all the things we can no longer do because of the current situation?

  • I can’t get my hair cut at the salon.
  • I can’t go out to eat for Mother’s Day.
  • I can’t invite friends over for dinner and games.
  • I can’t get booked to speak at live conferences or do live workshops at companies.
  • I can’t go shopping with my daughter at a clothing store.
  • I can’t go to the movie theater, a play, a sports game, or a live performance.

There are so many things I can’t do, it feels like I can’t live my life; at least not like I used to. When I focus on all these things, it makes me discouraged and frustrated. It makes me feel helpless and hopeless. But when I purposely shift my thinking, I realize . . .

  • I can still have a family member cut my hair (WHAT??) or I can wear a hat or put it in a ponytail.
  • I can still pick up food at a local restaurant.
  • I can still get the groceries and necessities I need at a store (at least most of what I need).
  • I can still connect with friends by phone, video chat, messaging, email, or maybe even outside from a safe distance.
  • I can still speak at virtual conferences and do virtual workshops for companies.
  • I can still spend time in my yard and garden, mowing, planting, and enjoying the flowers.
  • I can still go for walks and enjoy the sunshine and fresh spring air.
  • I can still watch movies, play games, do crafts, and have fun with my husband and daughter.
  • I can still sort through my closets and cupboards and declutter my home.
  • I can still look for the opportunities, the silver lining, the good things that come from reassessing my life and my priorities.

Now I feel grateful, happier, and hopeful.

Make a list; what are all the things you can still do?

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