Is It a Problem or an Inconvenience? Try a Shift in Perspective

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I was so frustrated and mad! My daughter and husband were very upset, too. Why had I decided to change internet providers?? After six days and at least five hours on the phone with technical support (and managers), we STILL don’t have any WiFi in our home!! AND they were saying if we wanted to cancel, we would have to pay hundreds of dollars in penalties. Yikes!!

My husband and I both work from home, so our internet access is key to our businesses. Plus, my daughter sometimes uses the internet for school (besides TikTok, YouTube, etc….). I was trying to be patient, but my frustration was surging.

In the middle of this debacle, I was scheduled to give a virtual talk on “Sharpening Your Positive Edge” for a local company. I was grateful that my local yoga studio was willing to rent out their space so I could use their stable and strong internet for my virtual programs! As I reviewed my slides, it hit me. My WiFi issues were not a problem; they were an inconvenience. 

I remembered the people who have lost their homes or are evacuated because of the fires out west or the damage from the hurricanes. I was thinking of families I know who are heartbroken over the recent loss of a loved one taken too soon. And then there are families I know who are currently trying to manage gut-wrenching situations because of severe illnesses.

In an instant, my perspective expanded and my mood shifted from one of stress and anger to one of gratitude and humility. My internet “problem” seemed very minor compared to other people’s situations. It took a dose of my own medicine to adjust my attitude.

How could a shift in perspective help you and your stress? What would help you see your challenges in a different light?

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