Is It a Problem or an Inconvenience? Try a Shift in Perspective

I was so frustrated and mad! My daughter and husband were very upset, too. Why had I decided to change internet providers?? After six days and at least five hours on the phone with technical [...]

You Use Your Teeth More Than You Use a Car – How Our Role Shifts Our Perspective

I was complaining that my teeth have cost me a lot of money. “In fact,” I whined, “I could buy a really nice car with all the money I’ve spent at the dentist.” The other person had no sympathy. [...]

“It Is What It Is!” What a great saying to move forward!

Last week, my husband and I were out on a walk, enjoying the beautiful fall colors.  A few moments after we waved at a passing car, we heard a strange “Thump!” As we continued around the corner, [...]

Aliens Live Among Us – At least sometimes it feels like it

We think we all live on the same planet, but in reality, it can feel like some people are from distant galaxies. There are times we encounter someone from another planet that’s similar to ours. [...]

Be Careful What You Notice – It Creates Your Reality and What’s Possible

Out of all the information that surrounds us coming in from all of our five senses, we actually only notice an extremely small percentage. According to Shawn Achor in his book, Before [...]

Pause A Little, Listen A Little

I’m honored to have Nancy Smyth, author, coach, and amazing woman as this week’s guest.  Nancy and I met at a conference in California and found we both had similar missions – [...]

Don’t Just Do It For Yourself – How our positivity affects those around us

Do you brighten a room when you enter or when you leave? I really like this phrase!! It’s a great reminder that our attitudes and emotions have a strong influence on the people around us. Most of [...]

Discouragement – Don’t Let It Steal Your Dreams

I find discouragement can slowly creep in and take over my mood, or it can suddenly hit me like a crashing wave.  Either way, I feel heavy, dispirited, and I totally lose motivation.  I feel like [...]

Learning About Life and Truly Living – Lessons from a Dear Friend

In the spring of 2015, I reconnected with a past coworker I hadn’t seen in almost 13 years.  She’d heard of my new focus on speaking about positivity and had asked if we could meet for coffee.  [...]

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