I’ve Been Saving All My Problems for You. Fake Positivity is Exhausting!

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If you live with kids and/or a partner, have you ever felt like they save all their problems until they get home? Then they dump them out on you? After all, you’re their safety net, confidant, and caretaker. They can be real with you.

Or maybe your the one who’s been trying to put on a pleasant face all day at work, only to let it all out once you get to the safety of your home. You feel wiped out after putting so much energy into your facade and now your willpower, internal resources, and endurance are gone.

Pretending to be upbeat is exhausting! It’s unsustainable, and people can often see through it. But to be successful in our job, we often need to be calm, collected, and resilient. Is there another option that won’t sap our energy and happiness?

That’s what I love about Positive Psychology! It’s not about pretending to be happy or forcing a smile. It’s about sharpening our positivity skills so everything gets easier. It’s about practicing strategies that actually change our brain so we’re less stressed, more motivated, and authentically nicer to be around, at work and at home.

So when you’re practicing gratitude, looking for the good in your day, or savoring a favorite memory, you’re not doing it just for yourself, you are also elevating the quality of life of everyone around you. You are being a positivity catalyst that impacts your family, your workplace, and your community.

It’s not about acting more positive; it’s about being more positive and letting it show.

What are your favorite practices that build your positivity? Keep up the good work!

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