You’ll Want to Print This – A Simple List for More Positivity

I have a problem.  Even though I get  to learn and think about building positivity throughout the week, there are still times when I forget to use the tools in my toolbox.  When I’m [...]

Be careful! You get what you expect

You don’t need alcohol to get drunk; you just need to THINK you’re consuming alcohol.  You don’t need a pain reliever to get rid of a headache; you just need to THINK you’re taking a potent [...]

Amplify the Power of Your Thoughts – synergize your mind and body

I’m fascinated by how our thoughts affect our mood and our reality, but there’s also an emerging area of intriguing research that shows how our body posture influences our mood.  Just think about [...]

Why Do I Write These Weekly Tips? One Reason May Surprise You

  I love being able to help people learn how to increase their positivity!  One of the favorite parts of one of my programs is when people share something good that’s happened in the past 24 [...]