What kind of plant are you? Philosophical lessons from a garden

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying watching my garden grow this June. I was worried because it was so wet, and I wasn’t able to get the plants and seeds in until much later than usual. But now things [...]

What if Someone Finished It for You? Appreciating Struggle in Our Achievements

Imagine you’re working hard on a project; maybe your sculpting, painting, cooking, woodworking, crafting, etc. You’re busy creating something you’re excited about. You’re trying different [...]

The Biggest Piece of Cake that Changed Her Life Forever- The Power of Words

I remember it like it was yesterday. The day was October 1st, 1999. It was my cousin’s birthday and everyone was gathered together to celebrate and spend time together – something we used [...]

Discouragement – Don’t Let It Steal Your Dreams

I find discouragement can slowly creep in and take over my mood, or it can suddenly hit me like a crashing wave.  Either way, I feel heavy, dispirited, and I totally lose motivation.  I feel like [...]

I Was Going to Have to Stop before I Finished

The difference a little encouragement can make I’ll never forget the first time I ran an actual 5K race.  This was several years ago, but I can close my eyes and recapture the emotions as if it [...]

12 Letters to Rock Your World – “I have a choice”

I’m honored to have the amazing Mary Helen Conroy, Reinvention Coach from Life Is a Daring Adventure, as our guest blogger this week. It was January 21, 1991 at 8:31 am when I hung up the [...]

A Productive Kind of Lazy? Taking time to celebrate our accomplishments

I love to cross things off my to do list.  When I’m getting something done, it feels good.  Like most of us, I’ve been taught that success comes from hard work.  Our culture has a great disdain [...]

A List to Remember “The Truth About You”

You have valuable talents and strengths I heard a great idea on a podcast recently that I had to share.  It was from Aaron Anastasi on the Small Changes Big Shifts podcast by Dr. Michelle Robin.  [...]

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