Let Me Tell You About My Wednesday

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I had lost track of time and now only had 10 minutes to get to my next meeting!  I was going to be late and this was a talk for a client.  With my adrenaline flowing and my heart pumping, I grabbed my bag and raced to my car.  Even though the next place was close by, I was very stressed because I had to navigate confusing one-way streets and find a place to park in the crowded downtown.  As I got close, I spotted a parking garage so I pulled in.  I circled impatiently, but I couldn’t find an open spot.  Frustrated, I left the garage and quickly pulled into an open spot on the street only to find that it was a meter that required quarters.  I put in every quarter and dime I had but it wasn’t enough.  Darn!  I unlocked my car to search for more quarters.  I found a few, but the time on the meter was going to be cutting it close.  I rushed breathless into the conference center 15 minutes later than planned to get ready to present.

But there’s another side  . . .

I lost track of time because I was having such an enjoyable conversation with the person in my previous meeting.  Using my GPS, I was able to get to the next place without a single wrong turn despite the confusing one-way streets.  The parking garage was full but as soon as I pulled out, I was grateful that I found a spot right away on the street.  The meter didn’t take credit cards and I didn’t have enough quarters in my purse, but I was lucky to find a few more in my car that got me close to the time I thought I needed.  Even though I arrived later than planned, I was relieved to realize that I still had plenty of time to get ready for my presentation.  AND when I returned to my car after the program, I saw the meter police walking down the other side of the street.  Sure enough, my meter was expired but I was thankful that I was able to get to my car before I got a ticket.

Have you ever had a day like this?  Was it a good day or a bad day?  All of these things really happened to me, but which of them was I going to choose to focus on?  I decided it was a great day with some important lessons.


Tina Hallis, Ph.D. is a professional speaker and consultant for The Positive Edge.  She uses science to help people shift the way they think so they can achieve more success in their work and in their lives.  

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