12 Letters to Rock Your World – “I have a choice”

I’m honored to have the amazing Mary Helen Conroy, Reinvention Coach from Life Is a Daring Adventure, as our guest blogger this week. It was January 21, 1991 at 8:31 am when I hung up the [...]

Permission to Be Human – Adding a link to the chain of forgiveness

Self-Forgiveness I couldn’t believe it!  I had the appointment in my calendar, but for some reason, I’d totally overlooked it!  Now I had missed it completely and left the other person waiting.  [...]

I’m Mad All Over Again! – Reliving past negative situations

The day we came home from the hospital after our daughter was born was an amazingly special day! Unfortunately, when we got home, we discovered that the contractor had decided to start their [...]

The Power of Switching One Word – What do you “get” to do?

It’s a Monday morning so I have to wake up extra early because I have to  help my daughter get ready for school.  I have to pack her a lunch and a snack for school.  Then I have to do some [...]