What is Your Mental Diet? How About Adding Some Good Stuff?

Last week, I wrote about how we notice what we look for and can miss the rest.  It can be easy to miss the good stuff that’s in our day and in our lives, because our natural survival instinct has [...]

Pause A Little, Listen A Little

I’m honored to have Nancy Smyth, author, coach, and amazing woman as this week’s guest.  Nancy and I met at a conference in California and found we both had similar missions – [...]

A Super Fast Way To Boost Your Mood

If you want to fool your brain into thinking you’re in a happy mood, all you have to do is smile.  However, there is one critical part you have to remember – if you just smile with your [...]

Does this Positivity Stuff Actually Make a Difference? Here’s my story

I often quote the benefits of spending more time in positive emotions based on a variety of studies, but there’s nothing like a personal example to help make it real so I wanted to share my [...]

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