What If Stressing Won’t Change Anything?

I tentatively placed my foot onto the dark soil. As I slowly shifted my weight onto it, I could feel my foot rapidly sinking. Yikes! I quickly pulled it back to safety. I plant a pretty big [...]

A Year of Surviving the Pandemic: Here’s a Long List of Ideas to Help You Keep Going

My weekly tip for March 15, 2020, a little over one year ago, was “How to Find More Calm When Life is Anything But.”   Our lives had just been turned upside down and we had no idea [...]

Laughter, Music, & Friends – Great Antidotes for Relieving Stress

There are so many reasons to feel stressed, whether you’re frustrated as you try to figure out how to work from home, anxious as you try to stay safe because you have to be at work, or wish [...]

Shouldn’t packing for vacation be fun? Our focus impacts our emotions

A couple of months ago, I was packing to go on vacation. I was getting stressed because I couldn’t find my new swimsuit. I loved that suit! As I was tearing through my drawers and closet, it hit [...]

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